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Founded by members of the housing and building industry, HBA Cares has been connecting needs of the community to resources since 2003.


To partner with other nonprofits, engaging industry resources to support transitional and accessible housing and other community projects. 


As the philanthropic arm of the Housing & Building Association of Colorado Springs, HBA Cares connects community needs to the resources of the industry in many different ways:

  • Assisting other housing-related nonprofit agencies with their construction project needs.

  • Supporting charitable activities conducted by members of the HBA of Colorado Springs

  • Collaborating with other area nonprofit agencies, commercial firms, and/or government agencies on problems or opportunities that impact the community.

From being involved in a multi-year project to handling a simple request over the phone, HBA Cares helps make the connections that help build community.  Go to the Contact Us tab for our assistance ask form.


The initial identification of potential projects comes from the nonprofits with construction needs, either directly or through a third party who is aware of HBA Cares.  The nonprofit completes an application and submits it to HBA Cares, where it is evaluated by HBA Cares board members.  They will conduct a site visit and discuss the need with the nonprofit.  It is recommended that organizations have at least 75% of the necessary funding secured.  If the project appears to be viable and aligns with the missions of HBA Cares, the Committee will develop an initial scope of work and cost estimate and make a formal recommendation to the HBA Cares Board of Directors, who will vote on whether or not to partner with the nonprofit on the project. 


Once the project has been approved, HBA Cares will recruit a Builder Captain to finalize the scope of work and cost estimate, and coordinate with the nonprofit to ensure that their needs are met.  Once the nonprofit agrees with the concept and has at least 75% of the necessary funds, the project will move forward.  The Builder Captain and HBA Cares will solicit donated materials and services from suppliers and sub-contractors to reduce the cost of the project.  The goal is to save the nonprofit as much as possible, allowing them to retain a significant portion of funding for other needs. 10% of the savings comes back to HBA Cares to help provide for future projects.

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