2019 Year End Letter from HBA Cares President Josh Peterson

This year has been another exciting year for HBA Cares! We have had many building projects as well as other community events. Here are some of the highlights from 2019 for HBA Cares: 


                                                         BUILD PROJECTS

Dream Centers: We completed the Family Services Building in August. The completion allowed the administrative staff of Dream Centers to move out of Mary’s Home. This allowed for new families to move in. Thanks to the hard work of Mike Finkbiner who was the Builder Captain of the project. Not only did this building allow new families to move in, but with the generosity of those who worked on the project, HBA Cares saved Dream Centers over $100,000.

Mobile home renovations: Partnering with Family Promise, HBA Cares is renovating and landscaping several mobile homes for families transitioning out of homelessness. We completed another face lift on an entire Mobile Home which was completed by Doug Hawkins of Classic Homes. In addition to that unit, there were many others that HBA Cares helped replace roofs, insulate floors, and landscape additional units with their needs. In all, HBA Cares saved Family Promise around $50,000 this year.


Accessible housing: HBA Cares has come alongside Careers in Construction to put together a fund that will help kids & young adults in the CICC program with specific needs for transitional housing. The fund will be used to provide a housing allowance for up to 90 days in order to help bridge the gap between completing the CICC program and entering the workforce.


Gomez Project: Thanks to our Builder Captains, David Thompson with Winds of Change and David Martin with Accessible Systems, HBA Cares was able to help the Gomez Family out by remodeling their existing home in order for the youngest son access to the home after being in Children’s Hospital for over a year after a horrific traffic accident. The accident left the son handicapped with no access to the home since it was a split level. With the help of our Builder Captains we were able to add a door with some windows, a deck, and a lift in order to allow the family full access to the home. Thanks to the generosity of those involved.  The family did not incur any costs and there were some funds left over that we have given to the family in order to remodel the bathroom inside the house if they used an HBA member.  


                                                 COMMUNITY PROJECTS

St. Jude volunteer landscaping: HBA Cares partnered with Covington Homes once again this year on a volunteer day helping with landscaping.

Food drive: After a great year in 2018 almost doubling our goal in 2018, GE Johnson and HBA Cares partnered again in 2019 with the goal of raising 100,000lbs. of food. Together, we exceeded that goal by collecting over 108,000lbs. of food.


Creek Week: Volunteers from the HBA and HBA Cares participated in this year’s Creek Week Cleanup in force to help our community by cleaning up trash and debris from Fountain Creek.


Koats 4 Kids: HBA Cares in partnership with HBA donated $1,000 to Koats 4 Kids to help kids who cannot afford a new winter jacket something to keep them warm over the winter months of 2019-2020.



HBA Cares Hockey Benefit Game: In 2019 HBA Cares put on a benefit hockey game that was played between HBA Cares and First Responders. Thanks to the funds raised and an anonymous donor, HBA Cares was able to provide 3 sets of tactical gear from Shield 616 to 3 new graduating officers from the CSPD Police Academy.

Pikes Peak Hill Climb: With the help of George Hess of Vantage Homes, HBA Cares raised close to $17,000 in sponsorships from members that were placed on George’s car for the Pikes Peak Hill Climb.

All Members Cup: Thanks to the generosity of the Emerging Leaders and those who donated at the All Member Cup HBA Cares was a recipient of $570.

                                                        VOLUNTEER HOURS

In 2019 HBA Cares has over 2,500 hours devoted just by its board members. This doesn’t even come close to the time spent on the projects completed in 2019.

Be a part of HBA Cares by donating!

HBA Cares wants to thank you for your  involvement with HBA Cares, whether it be through a project, fundraiser, or donations. As the 2019 year comes to an end, please consider donating to HBA Cares. HBA Cares is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that is funded through avenues such as donations and fundraising. Your donation helps to fund HBA Cares projects that support transitional and accessible housing. Donate today online at hbacares.org/donate or by calling Lisa at 719-592-1800.


We look forward to continued partnerships and support in 2020!


Josh Peterson
HBA Cares President

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