2020 Year End Letter from HBA Cares President Tiffany Canady

I think it’s safe to say, 2020 did not go as planned. Our lesson learned,  life is what happens when you are busy making plans. 


2020 was the year we traded our expectations for appreciation. We gained a new perspective on the relationships that we forge, the time we spend together, a simple smile from a stranger in passing or a warm embrace from a friend. 


For many, 2020 came in like a wrecking ball and forced change upon us all. We learned how to pivot as our world changed and the importance of growth through failing forward. Even when change is good, we still endure the adjustment necessary for that change. Guess what? We Did It! We did it together. It may have been sometimes messy or muted, sometimes with slippers and sweatpants on, or sometimes with dogs barking and family walking in the background. Reality check...we made it. We gave grace, space, and leaned in to our community and our members in need. 


We are better together, and shall rise as one! No one succeeds alone, and as you will see from our highlights this year, our 2020 Board, tradesmen, builders, and community leaders came together to not just survive, but thrive!


Here are some of the highlights from 2020 for HBA Cares: 



The HBA Cares Board was successful in spreading the love in February at the Annual Breakfast with the Builders. We collected over 200 signed, sealed and delivered Valentines to families at  Mary’s Home; Dream Centers to remind them we CARE. 



Headed by Josh Peterson and a phenomenal team, we look forward to breaking ground on the Guest House at St. Francis in Spring of 2021. This building is being built for cancer patients and parents of children in the NICU at St. Francis to stay if they live outside of Colorado Springs. The Guest House is within walking distance of the hospital. This is their home away from home.


ACCESSIBLE HOUSING - Worked with Careers in Construction to provide housing allowance to students bridging the gap between completing the CICC program and entering the workforce.



Food Drive - Raised over 108,000 meals for our community members in need.

Creek Week  - Cleaned trash and debris from Fountain Creek with a volunteer base of close to 30. 

Koats 4 Kids - HBA Cares in partnership with HBA donated $1,000 to Koats 4 Kids to help kids who cannot afford a new winter jacket or something to keep them warm over the winter months.

Builder Blitz to support Downtown Dining- HBA Cares partnered with GE Johnson and the Downtown Partnership to build “Parklets”- wooden structures to allow additional outdoor dining for 4 local restaurants. 



Pikes Peak Hill Climb - With the help of George Hess of Vantage Homes, HBA Cares raised close to $12,000 in sponsorships from members that were placed on George’s car for the Pikes Peak Hill Climb. Congratulations to George and Fred on placing in their divisions. 

All Members Cup- Thanks to the generosity of the Emerging Leaders and those who donated at the All Member Cup HBA Cares was a recipient of $980.



Board members devoted over 1500 hours on projects in our community further forging our mission. This is time not just spent, but invested in building a stronger community for all to enjoy.


HBA Cares wants to thank you for your involvement with our organization, whether it be through a project, fundraiser, or donations. As the 2020 year comes to an end, please consider donating to HBA Cares. HBA Cares is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that is funded through avenues such as donations and fundraising. Your donation helps to fund HBA Cares projects that support transitional and accessible housing. Donate today online at hbacares.org/donate or by calling Lisa at 719-592-1800.


We look forward to continued partnerships and support in 2021!


Tiffany Canady

HBA Cares President